European-wide network for furthering labour market monitoring at regional and local level

Eurispes invites you to participate in the 17th Annual International Meeting of the “European-wide network for furthering labour market monitoring at regional and local level – ENRLMM”. The meeting, to be attended by scholars, experts and operators active in labour market services, both from Italy and other countries, will take place on September 15th and 16th 2022 at the Eurispes headquarters in Tempio Pausania, Sardinia, on the following theme:

“The importance of Artificial Intelligence in the green and digital transition of Regional and Local Labour Markets in Europe. Perspectives on employment, training, placement and social inclusion”.

Conference Objectives. Artificial Intelligence, an increasingly widespread tool applied in economic and production processes, in the labour organisation and related services, plays a fundamental role in building new development perspectives oriented by the sustainability principle. The impact assessment of these new digital technologies on regional and local labour scenarios, in particular on the performance of public and private services, and an open comparison of the best practices currently implemented at the European level are the focus of the annual conference promoted by the ENRLMM Network.

The European Network. Established in 2007 on the initiative of the IWAK Institute of the German University “W. Goethe’ University of Frankfurt a.M., the ‘European Network on Regional Labour Market Monitoring – EN RLMM‘ is currently one of Europe’s largest co-ordinating bodies with more than 400 expert members from academia and research, sector operators, service representatives and labour observatories. By applying an interdisciplinary approach in its analyses, the Network contributes to a better understanding of the evolutionary processes taking place in regional and local labour markets, to the dissemination of common methods of analysis and research, and to the networking of service structures in the different countries, according to the strategic objective of the organisation of a single labour market in Europe.

Registration and Info. To attend the conference, registration is required in advance by opening the link indicated in the attached document. Participation is free of charge. The conference proceedings will be held in English; simultaneous English-Italian translation will be provided in the general session on the 1st day (see attached Programme).

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