The Eurispes: our work, your archive. Access it for free online 

The Eurispes has made its intellectual production and knowledge available online. Scholars, journalists, researchers, students, teachers, members of institutions, managers, and ordinary citizens can consult the work produced over nearly four decades for free on the portal
Following an initial start-up phase, the initiative is now fully operational, coinciding with the period of containment to combat the Coronavirus epidemic, with the goal of providing a useful tool for those who work on the Internet and in smart working mode. Hundreds of thousands of pages, texts, analyses, surveys, and reflections, as well as millions of data and information. These studies have become a point of reference for scholars, information operators, and national and international observers over the years. The 32 editions of the Italy Report, the annual report on the country’s economic, social, and political situation since 1989; the 6 editions of the Agromafie Report on agro-food crimes in Italy, produced in collaboration with Coldiretti; the 13 editions of the Report on the condition of children and adolescents produced in collaboration with Telefono Azzurro; and

The website also includes documents and surveys created by the Institute’s Permanent Observatories and Laboratories, which analyse phenomena related to individual macro-themes, explore their most innovative aspects, and promote debate among institutions and the public.

Each research study and report is presented with a brief abstract that describes the pathways of analysis and study that were undertaken. You can access the full version or individual chapters online by registering on the portal.

The information contained in our research and publications, as well as other areas of the portal, is copyright protected and cannot be reproduced in its entirety; however, the content may be used as long as the source is cited and the information and data extracted are not modified.

Furthermore, we are nearing the end of a major project to digitise the massive Press Archive: over 2 million articles from national newspapers, analysed and collected over the last 36 years with a reasoned selection by subject and catalogued under over 430 thematic headings.

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