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TV News from 10 to 14 January – The announcement of European Parliament President David Sassoli’s death was featured in all the prime-time news headlines on Tuesday: a single headline for Tg1 and Tg3, openings for Tg2, Tg La7 and Tg5 ( as well as the cover), and a second headline for the other Mediaset titles. The final farewell for this gentle but central figure in the Union’s recent past is expressed in the following editions of the National TV, with openings between Thursday and Friday on the lines at the funeral chamber and the state funeral. Among the many statements, the touching words of the Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen, were interviewed on Thursday by RAI 1.

Quirinale, the race towards the Colle overshadows Covid at the top of the TV news agenda.

Two weeks before the election of the Head of State, the rumours and behind-the-scenes political stories are beginning to begin g to take over the numbers of the infection, calling for the front page. The long-awaited first conference of the year by Prime Minister Mario Draghi was top of the agenda was on Monday, focusing on anti-Covid measures and the resumption of schooling. The debate within the centre-right, which led on Friday to the request for the official candidacy of Silvio Berlusconi, stands out in the evening on TV news from Mediaset, Tg La7 and Tg2. The reports paid attention to the differences and internal divisions in a scenario that does not yet include a “bipartisan” candidate. The countdown to the vote is also marked by Tg2 which, will feature a column on the figures of the previous Presidents of the Republic from Wednesday.

At the peak of contagion, the experts speak on the TV News. Anthony Fauci on Tg1

The hard figures of the pandemic, with infections, steadily exceeding 150,000 and peaks in daily deaths, reflect the mid-week headlines. The alarms launched for intensive care and the discussion on the new estimates of those infected are combined with the first data on the campaign to immunise the over 50s. Luciano Onder’s studio interviews with medical experts and immunologists continue on Tg5. In contrast, the new director of Tg1, Monica Maggioni, interviews the American virologist Anthony Fauci on Thursday about the need for a fourth dose. There was plenty of space in the reports for foreign contagion scenarios. At the same time, Tg4 continued to target the no vax, right from the headlines, with testimonials from other patients unable to get treatment because of no vax “irresponsible behaviour”.

Price increases, Mediaset takes on the energy agenda.

The pandemic’s stress is accompanied by concerns about high electricity and gas prices, in a scenario that has seen the Country end 2021 with remarkable economic growth. On Friday, Tg5 features an editorial by Pierluigi Battista, who reflects on the concern caused by the fourth wave and the increase in energy prices after an autumn that had almost fooled Italians that the Covid had been overcome. Again on the subject of price rises, Tg4 spoke for 10 minutes with the leader of the Italian League, Matteo Salvini, on Thursday.

New Year’s Eve attacks: the call for more security

Significant space was given to the news, with the New Year’s Eve attacks in Piazza Duomo in Milan at the centre (7 headlines). The testimonies of the young victims were very much in evidence, with Tg4 bringing the issue of security back into the spotlight while strongly criticising the mayor, Giuseppe Sala, for the lack of controls. The foreign origin of many of the alleged perpetrators, reported in several reports, does not translate into an additional element of controversy.

Costa Concordia, ten years after the disaster

On Thursday, the memory of the Costa Concordia, on the tenth anniversary of the shipwreck that cost the lives of 32 passengers, occupies a considerable space in the second half of prime-time news programmes. A good in-depth analysis was conducted during the week by Tg2.

Migrants, the “double narrative” continues

The double narration on the migratory phenomenon continued this week, with two headlines dealing with it from opposite perspectives.
On the one hand, Tg3, which reports the meeting between the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Luigi di Maio, and his German colleague, and the unity of intent between Italy and Germany to end the deaths in the Mediterranean. On the other hand, there was the alarming announcement of the TV news that took up Frontex data at the European level, emphasising the ‘boom in landings’, but also giving some information on the nationality and origin of the people this time.

Best wishes to the “thirty-year-old” Tg5

Best wishes to Tg5, which this week celebrated its 30th year of activity, and on Thursday dedicated several reports to reviewing the main steps along with its history.

This content is also available in: Italian

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