The Institute carries out studies and researches for companies, public and private organizations, national and international institutions. In the same, it independently promotes and funds researches of great social interest, cultural activities, scholarships, publishing initiatives, proposing itself as an independent centre of information and orientation of public opinion dealing with matters of great interest to the national debate.

The operative choice of Eurispes derives from the acknowledgment that adequate government politics of the social-economic situation requires that the facts are constantly updated and integrated. The Institute, in seeking to better pursue its goals, is particularly favored by its own composition: in fact many cultures of different orientation converge composing an original and homogenous unit.

On many occasions during these years the results of studies and inquiries proposed by the Institute have been at the core of political and social debate. That has been possible because although Eurispes does not represent the views of any single political force, is able to build a valid synthesis of a given situation and is thus able to be an interlocutor of many decision making centres, inspired by the will to contribute and build a more cohesive society less distressed by socio-geographic and socio-cultural inequalities and imbalances.

The Institute works through internal specialist working groups created from time to time. Then they are integrated with external experts chosen because of their acknowledged experience in their specific sector, the verified methodology affinity and willingness to interdisciplinary work. Thus internal researchers and external experts (sociologists, psychologists, anthropologists, politologists, statisticians, marketing experts, communication experts and industrial problem technicians) happen to work together to individuate adequate realistic and homogeneous solutions for the field of application.


These are the great areas of intervention the institute works on:

  • Analysis and interpretation of major social, political and cultural dynamics emerging in national and international context;

  • Analysis and evaluation of Public Politics and assistance in strategic reorientation of political territorial administrations;

  • Consulting regarding human resources of Public Administrations and technical assistance to public organizations;

  • Organizational analysis of human resources of public administrations;

  • Assistance to define a model of internal and external governance of Public Administration;

  • Evaluation of strategic territorial perspectives and definition of economic and territorial developing models;

  • Economic Studies and researches and production systems analysis;

  • Macroeconomic and national and international scenarios analysis;

  • Territorial and district economic systems analysis and sector revision studies;

  • Research and analysis of work market and of industrial relations system;

  • Planning and implementation of models, shapes and tools of political communication;

  • Definition of scenarios and models of revision in a political and elections communication context;

  • Evaluation of the impact of the main legislative choices and decisions made by representation and administration institutions;

  • Organization and realization of formation tasks specifically regarding local development, small and medium companies’ development, information and communication new technologies and public administrations innovation.

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