Trasformations of Regional and Local Labour Markets Across Europe in Pandemic and Post-Pandemic Times – di Christa Larsen, Jenny Kipper, Alfons Schmid, Ciprian Panzaru

di Christa Larsen, Jenny Kipper, Alfons Schmid, Ciprian Panzaru
Edition Rainer Hampp, 2021 – 414 pagine

The European Network on Regional Labour Market Monitoring publishes annual anthologies to gather perspectives from all over Europe and beyond on current topics related to regional and local labour markets.

In the anthology of 2021, over 30 network members from ten countries reflect on the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and state interventions or other measures in different localities and circumstances. They provide analyses on a variety of framework conditions of regional and local labour markets and their influence on the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Furthermore, the authors shed light on state interventions and others measures from a comparative. Discussions on the acceleration of social inequity, digitalization and structural changes during COVID-19 pandemic complement their multifaceted approaches.

Overall, the authors provide information on data as well as methodological and conceptual approaches that can be applied in regional and local labour market observatories to help regions and localities in their processes of digital, social and sustainable transition.

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