Paths of research in the Italian society

The Italy Report since 1989 offers a reading of the political economic and social situation of the Country and indicates changes and new emerging phenomenologies in the analysis areas faced in the different editions. The Report, at its 34th edition, is an appreciate reference point for the scholars, the institutions, the political world, the information system and the international observers.

The Italy Report is first of all based on the awareness and the resulting capacity not to bend to the charm of a compulsorily unifying point of view. Our job is to try to blend many different points of view, and follow their paths until their traces will make this attempt plausible, to build temporary plans of comprehension and explanation of facts.

The Report is therefore framed in sections, each one has a thematic card attached, dedicated to actuality issues. Every section has an introduction that represents a specific path of meditation regarding the dealt subject. The different cards are mostly referable to the general essays and form the phenomenological extension of it, but at the same time, they represent a starting point to a critic reading of these essays. The report starts with the general considerations that represent the philosophy of the Report structure itself and offer a reading guide.

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