Consigli di lettura | Osservatorio Eurispes sui temi internazionali – Febbraio 2022

Consigli di lettura – Gennaio-Febbraio 2022

  • Janan Ganesh, How the pandemic exposed the myth of the Anglosphere (Financial Times): Yes, he might lose his job, US-resident Brits are currently having to explain to neighbours, friends and Uber drivers. Yes, the prime minister of the actual UK. Yes, over some office parties of less than Caligula-grade decadence.
  • Sylvie Kauffmann, La malédiction Nord Stream 2 (Le Monde) : L’imminence de la menace sur l’Ukraine a semé la confusion au sein de la coalition allemande : faut-il inclure le gazoduc germano-russe dans l’arsenal de sanctions occidentales ? Ce débat est révélateur des vulnérabilités de l’Europe.
  • Ross Douthat, Best way to retreat from Ukraine (The New York Times): The United States cannot do nothing if Russia invades Ukraine; we also would be insane to join the war on Ukraine’s side.
  • Martin Wolf, Risks block the path to global recovery (Financial Times): While 2021 was a year of strong economic recovery, that recovery was neither universal nor complete. Unfortunately, prospects for 2022 now look worse than the IMF forecast last October: the main culprits, it argues, being the Omicron Covid-19 variant, supply shortages and unexpectedly high inflation.


  • Ross Douthat, The Year of American Disappointment (The New York Times): A year ago last week, Joe Biden was inaugurated as president of a country poised between two possible post-pandemic futures — one more dynamic and one more stagnant, one in which the shock of Covid-19 shoved American society out of our ruts and repetitions and one in which the pandemic only deepened our stagnation


  • Meghan L. O’Sullivan e Jason Bordoff, An iron grip in the shift to clean energy (The New York Times): If you were wondering whether Europe is running out of options to deal with its continuing energy crisis, one of Britain’s largest energy suppliers just offered an answer.
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