Consigli di lettura | Osservatorio Eurispes sui Temi Internazionali – Settembre 2021 -2

Consigli di lettura – Settembre 2021 (2)


  1. Benjamin Barthe. Le Qatar au centre du jeu diplomatique afghan (Le Monde) : Depuis la chute de Kaboul, l’émirat est un passage obligé pour les contacts avec les talibans et les négociations sur les évacuations d’Afghans menacés.


  1. Sophie Landrin. Le Pakistan est le premier bénéficiaire du retour des talinas (Le Monde) : Avec le retrait américain d’Afghanistan, l’alliance entre Delhi et Kaboul est mise en échec, ouvrant à Islamabad des voies sécurisées pour accéder à l’Asie centrale.


  1. Ben Ellery, Sam Dunning e Oliver Wright. Huawei ‘infiltrates’ Cambridge (The Times): Huawei has been accused of “infiltrating” a Cambridge University research centre after most of its academics were found to have ties with the Chinese company.


  1. What next for American foreign policy after the fall of Kabul? (The Guardian): The 20th anniversary of 9/11 and its fallout was always going to be a moment of deep soul searching about what has been lost and learned.


  1. Tom Mitchell. The Maoist echoes of Xi’s power play (Financial Times): A prominent leftist commentator in China has denounced “big capitalists” and entertainment industry “sissy-boy stars”. Leading public figures are disappearing from view. Others are racing to declare their fealty – and pledge billions of dollars – to the policy priorities of an all-powerful supreme leader who has life-tenure.


  1. Edward Luce. Biden and Europe are going different ways (Financial Times): President Joe Biden will lose no votes over the EU’s resolution on Monday to restore travel restrictions on Americans. However it’s a unhealthy signal. The transfer was as a lot about Biden’s unwillingness to match Europe’s opening to US travelers this summer time as it’s about America’s excessive Delta variant an infection fee.


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