Consigli di lettura | Osservatorio Eurispes sui temi internazionali – Marzo 2022

Consigli di lettura – Marzo 2022

  1. Paul Krugman, The American Right has a Puntin problem (The New York Times): Just a few weeks ago many influential figures on the U.S. right loved, just loved Vladimir Putin. In fact, some of them still can’t quit him. For example, Tucker Carlson, while he has grudgingly backed off from full-on Putin support, is still blaming America for the war and promoting Russian disinformation about U.S.-funded bioweapons labs.

  2. Bret Stephens, New Rules of a New World (The New York Times):Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is being described as the end of the post-Cold War era. This isn’t quite accurate. Since the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, we’ve seen three different eras. Each of them lasted about a decade.
  3. Editorials, Riyadh Realpolitik (The Times): There are not many places that the West can turn to fill the shortfall in energy supplies caused by their collective resolve to stop buying Russian oil and gas. Two of those countries are Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, usually regarded as reliable and long-standing western allies.

  4. Renaud Girard, Les Chinois, grand gagnants de la guerre (le Figaro) : Les sanctions décidées par les Occidentaux contre la Russie vont à moyen terme faire d’elle un vassal économique de la Chine. Pékin saute sur cette opportunité stratégique.
  5. Sylvie Kauffmann, A new Europe is emerging from the tragedy of Ukraine (Financial Times): Who would have thought only a month ago that the EU, an organisation so unwieldy that Britain chose to leave, would be seen as the ultimate refuge by nations desperately looking for security?

  6. Ivan Krastev, Era of war has returned to Europe (The New York Times): Over the weekend, as his military laid siege to Ukraine for the fourth day, President Vladimir Putin ordered Russia’s nuclear forces into a higher state of alert, the first time the Kremlin has done so since the Russian Federation was established in 1991.



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