Consigli di lettura | Osservatorio Eurispes sui Temi Internazionali – Maggio 2021/2

  1. Sylvie Kauffmann. Les sirènes de l’Indo-Pacifique (Le Monde): L’UE a suspendu son projet d’accord global d’investissement conclu avec Pékin en décembre 2020. La nouvelle dynamique géopolitique favorise un rapprochement avec New Delhi, note, dans sa chronique, Sylvie Kauffmann, éditorialiste au « Monde ».


  1. Thomas L. Friedman. Israelis ask: is this the big one? (The New York Times): Israelis and Americans both ask, whose country is this anyway? … Israel needs to define anew what it means to be a pluralistic democracy.


  1. Gideon Rachman. US-China rivalry drives market retreat (Financial Times): Now the resurgence of geopolitical rivalry is driving the new trend for state intervention in the economic system.


  1. Thomas L. Friedman. Trump’s big lie G.O.P. and now eyes democracy (The New York Times): America’s democracy is still in real danger. In fact, we are closer to a political civil war — more than at any other time in our modern history.


  1. Iain Martin. Japan is the ally post-Brexit Britain needs (The Times): The chairman of the Foreign & Colonial Investment Trust, an enthusiastic horticulturalist, went to Japan in the early 1960s to look at camellias. While there, he did something considered highly unusual at the time, with the war such a recent memory: he examined Japanese investment opportunities.


  1. Alain Barluet. Que recherche Poutine en accentuant la pression sur l’Ukraine ? (Le Figaro): La récente crise dans le Donbass illustre la «ligne rouge» que le chef du Kremlin a tracée autour des zones d’influence russes.
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