Consigli di lettura | Osservatorio Eurispes sui temi internazionali – Febbraio 2022/3

Consigli di lettura – Febbraio 2022 – 3


  1. Roger Cohen, At Munich Conference, a Troubling Word: Appeasement (The New York Times): President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine reminded his Western counterparts of what was supposed to be an unforgettable lesson from Europe’s past.


  1. Farah Stockman, This is the Russia-China friendship that Nixon feared (The New York Times): 50 years ago, Nixon went to China for a “diplomatic overture aimed at peeling China away from the Soviet orbit”. Today, some U.S. officials and analysts have second-guessed the wisdom of partnering with Beijing .


  1. Rosa Meneses, Turquìa busca realinearse con la OTAN en un momento clave para Europa (El Mundo): Ankara conmemora el 70 aniversario de su adhesión a la Alianza Atlántica presentándose como “socio indispensable”. A pesar de ser un miembro activo, se siente sola ante sus desafíos regionales y reclama apoyo en Siria e Irak.


  1. Benoît Vitkine, En Russie, un soutien sans enthousiasme à l’offensive de Poutine (Le Monde) : Malgré la répression, l’opposition à l’offensive militaire menée par Moscou en Ukraine atteint des citoyens jusqu’ici apolitiques. Les signes de profonds déchirements au sein de la société russe se multiplient.


  1. Kathrin Hille, European tension saddles Washington with Indo-Pacific dilemma (Financial Times): Just as the US tries to convince its Asian allies that it is focused on their region and ready to face the challenge from China, it is being pulled into a security crisis in Europe.


  1. Chris Miller, The reason these wars won’t end (The New York Times): There is no world leader today with a better track record when it comes to using military power than President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia. Whether against Georgia in 2008, Ukraine in 2014 or in Syria since 2015, the Russian military has repeatedly converted battlefield successes into political victories.


  1. Rana Foroohar, China, Russia and the race to a post-dollar world (Financial Times): Financial markets are going to become a major field of battle — a place to defend liberal values and renew old alliances.


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