Consigli di lettura | Osservatorio Eurispes sui temi internazionali – Febbraio 2022/2

Consigli di lettura – Febbraio 2022/2


  1. Guy Chazan e Max Seddon, Germany’s Russia problem (Financial Times): Under mounting pressure to provide more help to Ukraine as it braces for a possible Russian invasion, the German government proposed last week what it thought was a bold new initiative: it would supply Kyiv with 5,000 helmets.


  1. Edward Luce, Putin has done US an enormous favour by uniting the west (Financial Times): So much for America’s shift from the Atlantic to the Indo-Pacific. By demanding concessions that have shocked a divided and rudderless Europe, Russian president Vladimir Putin has united the west behind US leadership. It has been years since that sentence could be written with a straight face. Russia has brought about what it fears — a west that is displaying something approaching resolve.


  1. Georges Malbrunot, Le clientelisme du Hezbollah prospère grâce aux dollars de l’ennemi américain (Le Figaro) : À cent jours d’élections législatives cruciales pour l’avenir du Liban, alors que la communauté sunnite rivale du Hezbollah est orpheline après le retrait de son chef Saad Hariri, le clientélisme est lancé pour conquérir les cœurs des électeurs. Mais à ce grand classique, dans un pays où acheter des suffrages s’est toujours pratiqué, le parti chiite pro-iranien est bien parti pour gagner… 


  1. The editorial board, Ukraine crisis deepens Russia and China’s ties (Financial Times): While many western leaders stayed away from last week’s opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics, China’s president Xi Jinping still managed to attract a star guest: Russia’s Vladimir Putin. After talks and dinner, a more than 5,000-word joint statement by the two leaders denounced American interference in their affairs and opposed further enlargement of Nato — Russia’s number one bugbear with the west.


  1. Julian E. Barnes e Helene Cooper, US trying to avert war by disclosing top secrets (The New York Times): The United States hopes that disclosing the plans of President Vladimir V. … not to make the case for a war but to try to prevent one.


  1. Lucas de la Cal, Sólo China mantiene la política de Covid cero (El Mundo): Hanyu no conoce a nadie que haya pasado el Covid en Pekín. Tampoco su madre, que vive en otra ciudad mucho más al norte, Harbin. Ni su suegra, que es de Yunnan, al sur. Ni su tía que vive en Sichuan, al oeste. Ni siquiera su amigo Fen, que vive en Wu.



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