The Institute for Political, Social and Economic studies EURISPES (ISPES until January 1993) presided by professor Gian Maria Fara is a private agency working in Italy since 1982 in the political, economic and social research field.

In almost 35 years of activity the Institute has consolidated a leader position in the research system in Italy, becoming one of the most influential agencies of cultural reference for the institutional, political, economic and media world, and a body with a verified credibility in the activity of the formation of public opinion, as also those interested in analysis and comprehension of social economic and political dynamics in Italy.

Multiple research and information produced on themes with great social relevance, as also the production since 1989 of the Annual Report on our country’s situation, the Italy Report, have animated the social economic and political debate and, on many occasions, orientated the Legislator’s activity itself (eg. the law on obligatory helmets and seat belts). “Our excellence” Report on Italian Excellences, also, gave shape in 2006 with its first edition to a project that the Institute elaborated observing as time went by, the productive sectors of our country.

EURISPES in thirty years of activity has carried out 900 research activities. Media coverage of the Institute and its activities comprises over 150.000 articles and publications, including national and international radio and TV brodcasts.

EURISPES has always followed and often anticipated the evolution of political, economic and social dynamics that characterized the country life, developing a constant analysis and interpretation of social reality.

Through an institutional kind of research, the Institute contributed to make some hidden or unknown social phenomena emerge, carrying out a real operation of “social scouting” that gave birth to a production of data and information, widely employed by political and economic decision makers for their activity of directing and governing economy society and amplified by the mass media at a national and international levels.

The role that interprets the Italian reality is also strengthened by the tight relation with the international scientific community that is continuously improved by a constant exchange of information and experiences and by close cooperation for the organization of seminars, meetings, editorial events, debates and conferences.



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