The Permanent Observatory on International Issues

The Eurispes has set up the Permanent Observatory on International Issues, entrusting its presidency to Ambassador Giampiero Massolo, President of Fincantieri and ISPI and former General Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and General Director of the Department of Information for Security.

The Observatory can rely on the support of a Scientific Committee comprised of authoritative representatives from academia, institutions, and civil society who have joined the project and contributed their expertise in various fields of action.

The Observatory’s goal is to study the evolution of the international relations system, particularly current trends in relations between leading state and non-state actors. Particular emphasis is placed on evaluating the Italian national interest and redefining and promoting it as circumstances change, thus emphasising the issues to be addressed from an Italian perspective.

The Observatory proposes conducting studies and analyses in collaboration with government agencies and leading Italian and international research institutes and universities. Through periodic meetings and comparisons, the Observatory will conduct in-depth thematic studies of current and prospective interest.

Scientific Committee


Amb Giampiero Massolo – Chairman Fincantieri, former Director DIS


Prof Gustavo Piga – Full Professor of Political Economics, University of Rome Tor Vergata

Cons. Giovanni Tartaglia Polcini – Magistrate, Legal Advisor MAECI


Lawyer Marco Rago – Lawyer


Prof Stefano Albertini – Clinical Professor of Italian New York University, Director Casa Italia Zerilli

Prof Alessandro Aresu – Scientific Director of the School of Politics, Head of the Technical Secretariat of the Minister for the South and Territorial Cohesion

Dr Francesco Aureli – Director General of Frontier Health, Director of the Centre for Migration at Ortigia Business School

Dr Sabrina Bellosi – Journalist

Dr Barbara Beltrame – Vice-President of Confindustria with responsibility for internationalisation

Dr Francesco Caio – CEO SAIPEM

Dr Barbara Carfagna – Journalist

Prof Roberto De Vita – Professor, lawyer, President of Eurispes Cyber Security Observatory

Prof Germano Dottori – Professor of Strategic Studies at Luiss University

Prof Paola Gaeta – Professor of International Law, University of Bologna

Gen Fernando Giancotti – President of the Centre for Advanced Defence Studies – CASD

Dr Luca Giansanti – ENI Vice President in charge of European Affairs

Dr Patrizia Grieco – President Monte dei Paschi di Siena

Dr Daniele Manca – Journalist, Deputy Editor Corriere della Sera

Dr Marco Piantini – Senior expert in the Gentiloni cabinet

Dr Cecilia Piccioni – Diplomat, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation DGSP

Prof Lucrezia Reichlin – Full Professor of Economics at the London Business School

Ludovica Rizzotti – The Economist

Dr Alberto Sangiovanni- Vincentelli – Researcher at Berkeley University, entrepreneur

Gen Paolo Serra – General of Army Corps in reserve, former Commander of the Army’s Operational Forces North, Commander of Operations carried out in NATO and UN theatres, UN ASG for UNIFIL and UNSMIL

Hon Domenico Siniscalco – Economist, Vice Chairman Morgan Stanley

Prof Francesco Vaia – Director of the Lazzaro Spallanzani Hospital in Rome



Notizie e Approfondimenti Osservatorio

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