The Food, Production and Territories Observatory

The Foods, Productions and Territories Observatory was set up by the Union of Italian Farmers (UCI) and Eurispes with Universitas Mercatorum in 2018, the Year of Italian Food.

The Observatory – with a particular sensitivity towards the territory – studies and analyses the ongoing transformations involving agriculture, production and agri-food systems, investigating the complex relationships with the socio-economic processes that characterise them. It integrates scientific research with economic and social analysis and suggests ideas, proposals and visions on the relationship between food and territories to public debate and policymakers.

The Observatory intends to suggest ideas, proposals and perspectives on the relationship between food and territories to the public debate and policymakers. These range from the return to the land of the younger generations to the transformation of eating habits and the repercussions of the food crisis. From the protection of brands and local expressions to the problems linked to production and the relationship with the various segments of the supply chain and from the growth of organic farming to the fight against fraud and waste. These are just some of the issues that the Observatory analyses through surveys and reflections to offer solutions and act as a valuable tool for professionals, institutions, and the information system.

Scientific Committee



Prof Giovanni Cannata – Rector Universitas Mercatorum

Scientific Director

Prof Alberto Mattiacci – Full Professor of Economics and Business Management, Department of Communication and Social Research CORIS, Sapienza University of Rome


Prof Aurora Cavallo – Professor of Economics of Territories and Made in Italy, Universitas Mercatorum


Dr Mario Bello – President of Feder and of the I.O. Filiera Ittica (I.T. supply chain)

Prof Enrico Bonetti – Full Professor of Marketing and Marketing of Services, Department of Economics, University of Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli”.

Prof Donatella Cialdea – Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Molise

Mr Fabio Del Bravo – Director of Services for Rural Development ISMEA

Prof Antonio Iannarelli – Full Professor of Agricultural Law, University of Bari

Dr Nicola Manfredelli – Director of the Basilicata Historical Rural and Environmental Park

Prof Laura Martiniello – Associate Professor of Corporate Finance, Universitas Mercatorum

Prof Carlo Alberto Pratesi – Full Professor of Economics and Business Management, Department of Business Studies, University of Roma Tre

Dr Matteo Bruno Ricozzi – Consultant in Agrifood Environmental Economics and Sustainability

Dr Mauro Rosati – Director of Qualivita Foundation

Dr Michele Ruiu – Secretary and member of the Board of Directors of GAL Nuorese Baronia

Dr Antonino Scilla – President of Agripesca Sicilia

Dr Mario Serpillo – President of UCI – Italian Farmers Union

Dr Edoardo Spera – Journalist, national daily press agency ‘’.

Dr Antonio Stea – Technical Director GAL – Local Action Group Tavoliere


Dr Raffaella Saso – Deputy Director of Eurispes Research


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