The Fiscal Policies Observatory

The Fiscal Policy Observatory studies and analyses the national tax system compared to that of other European countries.

Today, the Italian government has to deal with a recession that, in addition to emptying state coffers, has significantly weakened the country’s economic system, increased unemployment and generated pockets of diffuse deprivation. The government, currently unable to implement independent monetary policies, is thus prevented from borrowing money from the market. Hence, it can only rely on fiscal policy to change the present situation. However, regardless of momentary needs, taxation in a democratic country must be fair and not oppressive; it cannot and must not become an instrument of further oppression and a burden on economic recovery and development.

The Observatory aims to outline an evolutionary path that can bring taxpayers and financial administration closer together by analysing the coherence and the effectiveness of the Italian tax system. This approach will enable a “virtuous circle” to be set in motion, aimed at ensuring the national tax system’s improvement and an increase in the economic and social well-being of the entire community.


Lawyer Giovambattista Palumbo directs the Observatory.

For information:

Scientific Committee


Dr Giovambattista Palumbo – Lawyer, lecturer, expert in tax law and tax policies, is currently an executive in the Minister of Economic and Finance.


Prof Saverio Belviso – Professor of corporate taxation c/o LUM University

Mr Riccardo Bizzarri – President of the Lapet Study Center

Mr Roberto Cefalo – Trade union executive

Lawyer Andrea Conso – Annunziata&Conso Law Firm

Prof Giovanni D’Alessandro – Lecturer in Private Law c/o Unicusano Telematic University

Maj Giuseppe Furno – Guardia di Finanza

Prof Walter Spinapolice – Office President VI Commission, Finance, Chamber of Deputies


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