The Eurispes/Enpam Observatory on Health, Social Security and Legality

Eurispes and Fondazione Enpam – as part of a project for spreading a debate on lawfulness in social security and health issues – have established a permanent Observatory on Health, Social Security and Legality.

The aim is to bring out the most significant aspects of the phenomena related to a culture of lawfulness and safety in the field of social security and health through a multidisciplinary approach integrated with the experience and the data collected by both institutions and individuals responsible for monitoring and combating illegal actions and a widespread culture of unlawfulness.

Scientific Committee

President Dr Vincenzo Macrì – former Attorney General of the Court of Appeal of Ancona Components Dr Luigi Cerciello Renna – Lecturer in Food Anti-Counterfeiting at the University of Salerno and Environmental Law at the University “Roma4”. Dr Luca Danese – Responsible for Institutional Relations of Eurispes Lawyer Franco Di Maria – Civilist, expert in health issues Prof Gian Maria Fara – President of Eurispes Dr Nicola Graziano – Magistrate of the Court of Naples Prof Giovanni Lo Storto – Director General LUISS Guido Carli Gen Vincenzo Amendola – Commander Nucleo Speciale Nucleo Spesa Pubblica e Repressione Frodi Comunitarie of the Guardia di Finanza Dr Eugenio Occorsio – Head of the economic service of “La Repubblica”. Dr Giovambattista Palumbo – Lawyer, lecturer, expert in tax law and tax policies, executive in the Cabinet of the Minister of Economy and Finance, Director of Eurispes Permanent Observatory on Tax Policies Gen D. Claudio Vincelli – Commander of the Carabinieri Special Units


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Notizie e Approfondimenti Osservatorio

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The network and counterfeiting in the health sector in Italy. Study available online

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Gelli Law: the fight against medical malpractice

PRESS RELEASE Presentation of survey results on the impact of the Gelli-Bianco law in the Court of Rome Presented this morning in Rome at the Hall of the Nymphaeum Museum […]

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