The Television News Observatory

Since April 2018, the Permanent Television News Observatory has become an integral part of the Eurispes’ activities. The Institute, which has been archiving and analysing articles from major Italian newspapers for over thirty years, now also uses a readily available video archive to complete the panel of its analyses on the communication system.

The Observatory – which also produces a weekly review published in the form of a report – allows you to locate, through appropriate keywords, the seven generalist Italian channels’ prime time information, providing a valuable service to investigate communicational trends topics of contemporary media debate.

Furthermore, a collaboration between Eurispes and CoRiS, the Department of Communication and Social Research at the Sapienza University of Rome, has been launched since May 2019. The joint scientific direction of the Television News Observatory has been made official as a result of this collaboration.

Scientific Committee


Dr Alberto Baldazzi – Journalist and Deputy Director of Research for Eurispes

Scientific Director

Prof Christian Ruggiero – Professor of Radio and Television Journalism, CoRiS Sapienza Department


Prof Marco Bruno – Professor of History and Models of Journalism, Department CoRiS Sapienza University of Rome

Prof Mihaela Gavrila – Professor of Television Studies, Department CoRiS Sapienza University of Rome

Prof Edoardo Novelli – Professor of Political Communication, University RomaTre

Prof Michele Prospero – Professor of Political Science, Department CoRiS Sapienza University of Rome

Prof Elena Valentini – Professor of Innovation and analysis of journalism models, CoRiS Department, Sapienza University of Rome

Dr Oliviero Bergamini – RAI Journalist

Dr Marco Di Fonzo – Journalist SKYTg24

Dr Marco Fratini – Journalist TgLa7

Dr Paolo Pacitti – Journalist RaiNews

Dr Paolo Petrecca – Journalist Deputy Director RaiNews

Dr Fabio Tricoli – Journalist News Mediaset


Dr Luca Baldazzi – Journalist and Eurispes researcher

Dr Giovanni Brancato – Researcher Sapienza University of Rome


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Notizie e Approfondimenti Osservatorio

Media: does one crisis overshadow the other? – Eurispes – CoRiS Sapienza TV News Observatory Report

PRESS RELEASE Tg Eurispes Observatory – CoRiS Sapienza Does one crisis overshadow the other? The permanent emergency of TV News between Covid-19 and the Russian-Ukrainian conflict The Tg Eurispes-CoRiS Sapienza […]

Finally, transversal consensus on Mattarella’s second term. Eurispes – CoRiS TV News Observatory Report

Coverage of the election of the President of the Republic TV News from 24 to 28 January – As it was inevitable, the President of the Republic voting is the […]

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The race for the Presidency and Berlusconi’s role The news from 17 to 21 January – The parties’ strategies for the Presidency dominate the prime time editions, obtaining 19 openings […]

A moving goodbye to David Sassoli, a great European. Eurispes – CoRiS Sapienza TV News Observatory

TV News from 10 to 14 January – The announcement of European Parliament President David Sassoli’s death was featured in all the prime-time news headlines on Tuesday: a single headline […]

Sky-rocketing infections, but information “keeps calm”. Eurispes – CoRiS Sapienza TV News Observatory

More than 200,000 cases but prime time remain confident The TV News from 3 to 7 January – The year 2022 opens with editions largely absorbed (28 openings) by the […]

Covid: the situation is getting worse, but the news remains optimistic

Despite infection surge, primetime shows support for anti-Covid measures The news from 20 to 24 December – On Monday, there were several reports on the European authorities’ approval of the […]

Italy, Country of the Year. Report of the Eurispes – CoRiS Sapienza TV News Observatory

The news from 13 to 17 December – The worsening of the pandemic situation, with the peak on Friday of 28,000 infections, is at the opening of most prime-time news […]

Infections peak, but information refrains from adopting an “emergency” approach. Eurispes – CoRiS Sapienza TV News Observatory Report

Rising infections: a smooth narrative The news from 6 to 10 December – With the entry into force of the super green pass, which on Monday receives the opening of […]

Is Italy the new European engine? Eurispes – CoRiS Sapienza TV News Observatory Report

The fourth wave, tension falls in the TV News The news from November 29 to December 3 -The fight against the new variant Omicron is the main theme in primetime, […]

Fourth wave, ‘omicron’ variant and vaccine to children

Fears over the “omicron” variant The TV News from 22 to 26 November. The week’s main topic for all headlines is the raging fourth wave in Europe and the measures […]

Prime time united against “anti-science” movement. Report of the Eurispes TV News Observatory – CoRiS Sapienza

Covid’s Fourth wave, 10,000 infections a day TV News from 15 to 19 November – The spread of the fourth wave continues to occupy the editions of the prime-time TV […]

COVID’s fourth wave” is knocking on the door. TV News Eurispes Observatory Report – CoRiS

The media focuses again on Covid’s figures TV News from 8 to 12 November – News of the pandemic, with the number of cases of the disease continuing to grow, […]

President of the Scientific Committee of Eurispes opens the seminar “Media virus. The impact of Covid-19 on the media public sphere”

The President of the Eurispes Scientific Committee, Alberto Mattiacci, opens the seminar promoted by the chairs of Innovation and analysis of journalism models – Laboratory of journalism techniques and languages […]

Covid, TV News not alarmed by the fourth wave

Contagions in Germany: “to do as Italy does” The news from November 1 to 5 – After a long absence from the headlines, the pandemic is quickly making its way […]

In the post-voting TV News, the triumph of abstentionism and the flop of right-wingers

TV News from 18 to 22 October – The results of the municipal ballots absorb the opening of the first part of the week’s news. In the face of a […]

The no-green pass movement does not block the Country. Report Eurispes – CoRiS Sapienza TV News Observatory

The TV news from 11 to 15 October – The severe attack on the CGIL headquarters in Rome is being reported in prime time TV news, creating an atmosphere of […]

Administrative elections, prime time between winners and losers. Eurispes-CoRiS News Observatory

Administrative elections: the 5 Stars disappear, the League chases Fratelli d’Italia, the PD is delighted TV News from 4 to 8 October – The results of the local elections dominate […]

Administrative elections and the Morisi and Fidanza cases in the TV News. Eurispes TV News Observatory Report – CoRiS Sapienza

The Morisi and Fidanza cases land in prime time and on the campaign for local government elections. Tg5 hesitates, Tg4 settles News from TV News – 27 September to Tg1 […]

TV News: great coverage for Draghi cheered by Confindustria. Report of the Eurispes TV News Observatory – CoRiS Sapienza

Prime Minister Draghi acclaimed at Confindustria Assembly TV News from 20 to 24 September – A wide range of political coverage in the first part of the week, focusing on […]

Green Pass, full speed ahead. TV News Eurispes Observatory – CoRiS Sapienza

News from 13 to 17 September Green Passes on the fast track The debate on the Green Pass, which will affect both public and private sector workers from 15 October, […]

20 years after September 11, the bitterness of the TV news for Afghanistan. Eurispes TV News Observatory – CoRiS Sapienza

TV News from 6 to 10 September – The twelfth season of the TV News Observatory opens with the twentieth anniversary of the 11 September attack, which, is accompanied in […]

Covid’s grip on the news is loosening. The big news report is back

Primetime TV News in the first half of 2021 During the first half of 2021, there was stabilisation in the prime time audience, with a slow but progressive return to […]

The flood in Germany hits prime time. The Eurispes Tv News Observatory – CoRiS Sapienza

Maximum attention for the floods in Northern Europe. In the news, the “long wave” of the European Championship victory. For Tg5 the triumph of the Azzurri is worth more than […]

Prime time tribute to Raffaella. Renzi and Conte “stand out” in the set lists. Eurispes TV News Observatory – CoRiS Sapienza

Raffaella: the prime time tribute to the queen of TV. Ddl Zan and Justice, Renzi and Conte “soar” in the rundowns. Contagions: alarms arrive from airports. Excitement for the London […]

The fracture in the 5 Stars is “on air”. TV News Eurispes Observatory – CoRiS Sapienza

The fracture in the 5 Stars is “on air” . Covid, the first week without ordinances is “celebrated”. Beating in prison, even for Mediaset: “a real massacre”.   The TV […]

The European Union at the centre of the information narrative. The Eurispes Tv News Observatory – CoRiS Sapienza

Council of Europe, for Tg5 disappointing summit. Zan law, Vatican’s “foul” intervention? Draghi: “Italy a secular state”. Massimo Franco at Tg2: “Strong and unprecedented move”.   The news from 21 […]

Italy in white zone: “beyond the Covid”. The TV News Eurispes Observatory – CoRiS Report

In the prime-time TV News, politics and news take up space. Mottarone, controversy over videos of the tragedy. Europe celebrates the renewed Atlantic alliance. All eyes on the Biden-Putin meeting. […]

Politics and news fill the information space

Italy “in the white zone”: the news dealing with the post-pandemic. Politics and news uber alles. Saman case, Tg4 rails against the “silent left”. G7: the relaunch of the Atlantic […]

Optimism and new starts dominate prime time. TV News Eurispes – CoRiS Sapienza Observatory Report

Information focuses on the restart. Mediaset rides on the theme of justice. Indignation over Brusca: Mentana against “the hypocrisy of politics”. The TV News from May 31 to June 4 […]

Information outlets focus on the cable car massacre. Report of the Eurispes – CoRiS Sapienza Tv News Observatory

In the foreground the cable car massacre. Migrants: children shipwrecked. Tg3: let’s not get used to these tragedies. Tg La7 attacks president Lukashenko. Commotion for the farewell to Carla Fracci. […]

Presentation of the book of the Eurispes – CoRiS Sapienza Television News Observatory on TV News in the year of the pandemic

On Friday May 28 2021, at 11.00 a.m., within the course of Radio and Television Journalism – Radio and Television Laboratory, a seminar will be held to present the book […]

Italy reopens and breathes again. Report of the Eurispes-CoRiS Sapienza Tv News Observatory

Reopening and curfew, Italy breathes again. The ‘designation-game’ rise to the Quirinal. DDL Zan, Tg4: “No to gender ideology in schools”. 11 days of war in Gaza. Touching farewell to […]

Eurispes – CoRiS Sapienza: prime time information in the year of Covid-19

The Eurispes-CoRiS Sapienza Tv News Observatory proposes an analysis of the audience of the Tv news of the seven generalist networks (Tg Rai, Mediaset, and La7) at the end of […]

The Middle East “without peace” on the news. The Eurispes – Sapienza News Observatory Report

The dramatic escalation of the conflict between Hamas and Israel – which produced more than 130 victims between Monday and Friday – is the dominant topic in the media, with […]

Draghi reinforces his image as a “European” leader. Report Osservatorio Tg Eurispes – CoRiS

All eyes on Draghi as “European” leader. Hungary lodge, the cards at Tg La7. The clash over the RAI allotment “covers” the debate on the Zan draft law. TV News […]

National Recovery and Resilience Plan: Italy’s destiny. Report Tg Eurispes Observatory – CoRiS Sapienza

Recovery Plan, by Tg La7: a “conquest”. Now the “Indian” contagion frightens. Red Terrorism: “End of the Mitterrand doctrine”. Tv news from 26 to 30 April – The approval of […]

Political controversy in the news, from Recovery to Grillo’s case

Countdown to Recovery and reopenings. From the news, judgement without appeal for Grillo. Super league flop: for Tg3, “Johnson’s success”. Diversified openings for prime time news. After weeks dominated by […]

The pandemic is still on the News. Politics and home affairs occupy 42%.

Reopenings and Draghi’s ‘reasoned risk’. Tg La7: “Speranza armoured”. Space to citizenship for Zaki and the Regeni trial. Mediaset: ArcelorMittal and the “fiction” dismissal With 26 openings between Monday and […]

News: The second Easter under the pandemic

The second Easter under the pandemic has dominated the news. The Biot case is the most serious espionage case since the Cold War. Intercepting journalists in the course of their […]

Draghi’s “voice” finally in the news. Report from the Television News Observatory

Most headlines focused on the management of the epidemic. Lombardy: Bertolaso is not enough. On Mediaset attacks on the (Centre-Left) caste. Analysis of the Eurispes-CoRiS Sapienza Television News Observatory. News […]

March 18: The Country relives a year of pain

The Country reflects on a year of pain. AstraZeneca: “an affair handled without rationality”. US-Russia tensions over Biden’s accusations against Putin. News from 15 to March 19. The AstraZeneca vaccine […]

War on Covid-19, Draghi’s offensive is broadcast in the News

News from 1 to 5 March  The new phase of the war on Covid-19, inaugurated on Tuesday with the latest Dpcm, dominates the editions with 24 out of 35 openings. […]

The shadow of the third wave turns newspapers to the “hard line”. Tg Eurispes – CoRiS Sapienza Observatory Report

Analysis of the news from 22 to 26 February – After the Draghi government’s inauguration, the epidemic is once again the dominant theme in all editions (21 openings). Documenting the […]

The ‘Draghi’s pax’ takes over the news, but the pandemic returns to the headlines

Tg Eurispes – CoRiS Sapienza Observatory. The News from 15 to 19 February – The start of the Draghi government, now in full swing, dominates the media agenda, with the […]

News: Draghi takes over 40% of headlines. Eurispes – CoRiS Sapienza TV News Observatory Report

In the news, the “triumph” of the Draghi government and the “pro-European” Salvini. Tg4 against the “useless” Ministry for Environmental Transition The news from February 8 to 12 – The […]

Bipartisan consensus for ‘Supermario’ in the TV News

Bipartisan consensus for “Supermario” in prime time. Navalny case, USA and Europe united against Putin. Zaki: for La7 “Italy pushed around”. The news from 1 to 5 February – The […]

Eyes on the “chess game” between Conte and Renzi in prime time TV news

The news from 25 to 29 January – The end of the Conte 2 government, with the resignation of the Prime Minister on Tuesday and the start of the consultations […]

The “postponed” crisis monopolises prime time news. Report from the Eurispes – CoRiS Sapienza Tv Observatory

In prime time the “postponed” crisis. La7 and the “pendulum of politics” that never stops. Information “dismisses” Trump and applauds Biden.   The news from January 18 to 22 – […]

The government crisis paradoxically puts the Recovery Fund in the background. Report Osservatorio Tg Eurispes -CoRiS Sapienza

Prime time and the “incomprehensible” government crisis. Silence on the Recovery Plan. Vaccinations, the Italian record in Europe. Trump “removed” from social media: the reflections of Tg2 and Tg5 News […]

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