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The TV news from 11 to 15 October – The severe attack on the CGIL headquarters in Rome is being reported in prime time TV news, creating an atmosphere of great concern, worsened by political sectors which, using expressions from the last century, refer to a “strategy of tension”. Further fears are linked to the new street protests announced given the entry into force, on Friday 15, of the green pass: 30 openings on these issues, which dominated all the headlines.

Having overcome the risk of a ” country blockade”, many newspapers breathed a sigh of relief on Friday, with Tg4 reporting that “the minority is not blocking Italy”. On the other hand, the 8 pm TV news edition reported how, during the first day of the compulsory green certificate, the demonstrations of port workers in Trieste, like those in other cities, took place without causing any particular problem. The presenter of the Tg5 TV news even says: “Everything worked out fine”.

However, the attention of prime time remains focused on the capital and the anti-fascist demonstration called for Saturday 16, a week after the devastation of the national headquarters of CGIL. On Monday, there was great emphasis on the visit of Prime Minister Mario Draghi, with Maurizio Landini thanking the President of the Council for a demonstration of support “not at all taken for granted”.


In the streets for democracy

If the RAI TV news emphasised the strengthening of the democratic institutions with the solidarity shown to the main trade union in Italy, the Mediaset TV news strongly emphasised the position taken by the right-wing leaders, who, on the one hand, raised their voices against this aggression, but at the same time carried out a harsh attack against the Minister of the Interior, Luciana Lamorgese, accused on Wednesday in the Italian Chamber by Giorgia Meloni of having failed to contain the troublemakers, and even of having “let them do it”. Some of the Tg4 broadcasters came to similar conclusions, with Larussa declaring that the neo-fascists are “functional to damage the right”, and that “the left also has its anarchists”. For the representative of Fratelli d’Italia, then, “the proposal to disband Forza Nuova is a fascist act”.


G20 for Afghanistan

Aside from the clashes between the parties (the last occasion being the internal division within the government on solidarity income), the political scene is absorbed by the wait for the ballots and Friday’s tax decree. The G20 summit on Afghanistan, strongly supported by Italy but not attended by the top leaders of Russia and China, was followed with great interest by all ( news openings for Tg1 and Tg2) and was also marked by positive reactions.


Shock over the blocking of the Regeni trial

For the record, the first hearing of the trial for the murder of Giulio Regeni, which seems to have stalled right from the start, received the attention of the RAI TV news and the 8 pm TV news edition between Thursday and Friday, but with no particular position taken. Also, on the subject of trials, only Tg La7 reported on Wednesday on the “coup de théâtre” at the preliminary hearing of the trial for the collapse of the Morandi Bridge, in which some of the defendants have put forward the objection of the judge.


Alitalia, an era comes to an end

The definitive closing down of Alitalia, which on Thursday 14 ended its 75 years of activity, replaced by the much smaller “Ita Airlines”, produces reports characterised by sad and nostalgic atmospheres, which combine the narration of Italy’s old glories with images of the thousands of employees who will be (or will remain) on redundancy pay.


Between immigration and crime

Last week’s tensions that exploded further in Europe on the subject of migrants produced an interesting in-depth report by Tg La7 on Erdogan’s Turkey on Monday, described as the only country looking at refugees as a lucrative resource. Thursday’s Tg2 report on Mafia infiltration in Lombardy and a new Camorra fight in the Naples neighbourhoods of Ponticelli and Scampia is also worth mentioning.


Kirk in outer space again

The journey into space, this time for real, of the elderly American actor William Shatner, famous for playing Captain Kirk in Star Trek, and who thanks to Jeff Bezos has become the oldest astronaut to have left Earth, fascinates many newspapers and is the subject of headlines on Tg5, Studio Aperto and also Tg La7.

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