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The race for the Presidency and Berlusconi’s role

The news from 17 to 21 January – The parties’ strategies for the Presidency dominate the prime time editions, obtaining 19 openings between Monday and Friday. Without any “bipartisan” candidates, the media remains on the lookout for concrete political signals, seeking them in Prime Minister Mario Draghi’s meetings and negotiations between the political leaders and beyond, such as the latest one involving 5 Stars’ Riccardo Fraccaro with Matteo Salvini. Silvio Berlusconi remains at the scene’s centre, mentioned 28 times in the headlines and featured in all editions. While waiting for him to release his decision (i.e. until Saturday at 7.15 pm with the news of his resignation, broadcast live by Tg3 and Tg4), the leader of Forza Italia has returned to the centre of the political scene, with Mediaset TV News advocating his election by broadcasting interviews and appeals from various international figures who are relaunching his role as a Europeanist and ” a dignified father”. However, Tg3 and Tg La7 do not ignore the internal uneasiness of the centre-right, which suggests that Salvini and Meloni are open to different options. The interviews collecting the reflections of some historical figures of national politics on possible future scenarios proposed by Tg2 were quite interesting.

Pandemic, fourth wave slows down.

The high number of cases of the pandemic remains the opening topic for Tuesday’s news. However, the headlines indicate that the high numbers of the infection – with several regions going into orange – record a general slowdown accompanied by good data on first doses among the over 50s. The additional restrictions introduced with the super green pass did not cause any particular reaction, while the reports continued to ridicule the no vax movement.  Concerns about contagion among minors remained high, with a specific focus on schools.

Economy: the collapse of female employment

There were various reports on economic data, with particular emphasis on energy price rises, with warnings from Confindustria and Confcommercio. In addition to the issues related to high energy bills for households and businesses, the TV News investigates the new scenarios of hardship and poverty produced by the pandemic. Tg1 (Wednesday) opens with Professor Veronica De Romanis on the fall in female employment, which has returned to 2012 levels. The Tg4 report on the debts that companies have incurred with the Treasury during the first year of Covid is also interesting.

Mediaset is raising awareness about security. The attacks in Foggia in the background

Absorbed by the background on the Hill, the information devotes little time this week to the government’s activities. Minister Luciana Lamorgese’s visit to Foggia, in the aftermath of numerous mafia attacks, was also affected: the news was only mentioned in the headlines of Tg3 and Tg1 on Monday, with Tg5 reporting it on Thursday. Space on Mediaset’s Tg’s is dedicated to security, with several reports denouncing the situation in Milan. To be mentioned, the Tg3 information on the Milanese suburbs, after the arrest of some young rappers. The investigation involving the founder of the 5 Star Movement, Beppe Grillo, who is under investigation for illegal connections, is the subject of 8 headlines during the week. Tg4 was dedicated, invoking historical nemesis against its traditional “political adversary”.

Attanasio case, prime time takes on the family’s doubts

Developments in the investigation into the killing of Ambassador Attanasio, Carabiniere Iacovacci and their driver in Congo were covered in the headlines by Tg1, Tg3 and Tg4, giving space in the reports to the parents’ requests for clarity on an affair that still has too many shadows.

US and Russia at loggerheads

In foreign affairs, the complex situation on the Ukrainian border, which sees the US and Russia at loggerheads, possibly ready for armed intervention, is only covered in the headlines by Tg1, Tg3 and Tg La7, which offers an excellent in-depth analysis on Friday. Of the Mediaset TV News, only Tg5 deals with the Ukrainian question, while more attention is paid to the vacillating role of President Biden. The images of the natural catastrophe that struck the Tonga islands were also covered. The public service TV News gave a lot of coverage to the Mustafà affair, a child born without limbs and has become one of the most dramatic symbols of the Syrian conflict. Headlines, reports and interviews with his family members thanking Italy for its generosity were featured.

This content is also available in: Italian

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