SIOI and Eurispes on the new global order

The processes of change on the international scene, the growing role of new players and new regional and sub-regional alignments and coordinations, and the emergence of a New Global Order will be the focus of a debate to be held on Wednesday 10 July at 3.30 p.m. at the SIOI on the occasion of the publication of the volume “Il nuovo ordine globale – I protagonisti del multilateralismo nelle aree continentali” (The New Global Order – The protagonists of multilateralism in the continental areas), published by Armando Editore, edited by Marco Ricceri and with an introduction by Riccardo Sessa.

In the debate, introduced by Riccardo Sessa, President of SIOI, Marco Ricceri, Secretary General of Eurispes and SIOI Advisor, and Giovanni Barbieri, of the CRANEC Research Centre of the Catholic University of Milan, will speak. Special guest will be Giulio Tremonti, President of the Foreign Affairs Commission of the Chamber of Deputies.

The book illustrates and assesses the scope of the processes of change taking place on the international scene with reference to the emergence of a new, increasingly multi-centred global order and the growing role of new players such as the main regional and sub-regional coordinations operating in the Americas (North, Central, South and in the all-encompassing context of Latin America), Africa, Eurasia, South Asia, the Arctic and the Indo-Pacific.

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