Reading tips | Eurispes Observatory on International Issues – October 2021

Reading tips – October 2021

  1. Chris Buckley. Australia’s Submarines Make Waves in Asia Long Before They Go to Sea (The New York Times): Some nations fear an accelerated arms buildup in a region where larger countries have already ramped up their military spending or capabilities.
  2. David Gardner. Behind the smiles, rivalries heat up in the Gulf (Financial Times): Burj Khalifa, the iconic tower of Dubai, the vibrant commercial center of the United Arab Emirates, on Thursday night Saudi Arabia flag color To celebrate the Kingdom’s National Foundation Day. This is the “Gathering of Brothers” at Mohammed bin Salmanbin Abdulaziz al-Saud’s Red Sea, Qatar’s chief Sheikh Tamimbin Hamad Altani, and Sheikh, the crown prince and daily ruler of Saudi Arabia last Friday.
  3. Philip Stephens. The French are right about the Americans (Financial Times): Once in a while I am gripped by a heretical thought. What if the French are right about the Americans? Anyone with a passing interest in the centuries-old rivalry between France and the UK — the best of enemies as they are often called — will know that, for Les Rosbifs, it is verging on high treason to favour Paris over Washington.
  4. Delphine Minoul. Quels sont les nouveaux horizons de la diplomatie turque? (Le Figaro): DÉCRYPTAGE – Après une période de confrontation ouverte avec l’Occident, le président turc, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, a reconfiguré sa politique étrangère. Fini les diatribes incendiaires et la démultiplication des conflits.
  5. Melissa Skorka. The Haqqanis are the new global terror threat (The Wall Street Journal): The Haqqani network has evolved over the past half-century from a relatively small, tribal-based jihadist group into one of South Asia’s most significant U.S.- and U.N.-designated terrorist syndicates. As Afghanistan’s new Taliban government pushes for credibility abroad, the Haqqani network is the most powerful faction with which it must reckon.
  6. Benjamin Haddad. Europe must wean itself off US defence (Financial Times): Nine months into Joe Biden’s presidency, some European officials are already calling for a “pause and reset” in transatlantic relations. After the debacle of the Afghanistan withdrawal, which left allies in Berlin and London reeling over the lack of consultation, the Aukus spat with France has left a sense of distrust and disappointment in Europe.
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