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The fracture in the 5 Stars is “on air” . Covid, the first week without ordinances is “celebrated”. Beating in prison, even for Mediaset: “a real massacre”.


The TV News from 20 June to 2 July – As has not happened for months, internal politics monopolises the front pages of the primetime, with 21 openings dedicated to the severe crisis that tears apart the 5 Star Movement. With Italy remaining in “COVID-19 white zone” and the total number of infected people falling to the levels of last September, several newspapers let themselves be absorbed by the political arena, showing a wait-and-see attitude and not spending themselves in particular predictions. To show themselves more involved – from opposite positions – are, once again, Tg4 and Tg La7, which on Tuesday use the same expression in the titles (the “Vaffa di Grillo a Conte”) to describe the response of the guarantor to the conference of the leader of the 5 stars designated by himself. On the other political side, the probable sinking of the one-party center-right project wanted by Berlusconi, given the agreement made by Salvini and Meloni with the European sovereignists, remains hidden for the Mediaset newspapers, while Tg3 and Tg La7 report it.


Out of the political clash, the remaining openings are divided between Covid and the Europeans, with the Italy-Belgium match collecting 6 first titles. On Friday, there is room for the decline in infections, even if this time the “news” consists precisely in the fact that the situation is stable, and does not require further ordinances from Minister Speranza. To distract information from the fracture in the 5 Stars are also, on Thursday, the announcements of Premier Draghi (opening for Tg Rai and Tg4), which envisage a growth for the end of the year beyond forecasts, while reiterating the necessary precautions for rapid diffusion of the delta variant.


For the record, the violence carried out on detainees last year in the Santa Maria Capua Vetere prison has been the subject of growing interest (18 titles in total), leading to precautionary measures for 52 prison police officers. Re-launch the footage of these serious facts from all. Very strong, then, the testimony offered Thursday on News Mediaset by a disabled ex-prisoner, also a victim of senseless violence which, as is emerging, he would have tried to cover up. Great interest also in the facts of criminal news, with 15 titles dedicated to the murder of the sixteen-year-old girl killed in the Bolognese area by a peer of her age. Attention on Friday’s TG5 to the developments on the Saman case, with an interview with the young woman’s boyfriend, while the searches are still ongoing.


The death of numerous migrants, including 8 women, in the Sicilian channel, which occurred during the transshipment from a boat, brings the theme of landings back to the schedule for two days, with titles for the Rai and Mediaset news programs.


Attention to foreign countries was very limited during the week, mostly based on the logic of the European championship. Concern about the peak of infections in the United Kingdom and Russia, where the delta variant is advancing. 100 years after the establishment of the Communist Party in China, Pierluigi Battista comments on the demonstrations in Beijing in a strong editorial in which, criticising the aggressive statements of the leader Xi Jinping, invites him to “tell the truth” both on the spread of the virus and on the oppression of the Uyghur minority.

This content is also available in: Italian

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