Memorandum of Understanding between the Department of Public Security – Central Directorate of Criminal Police and Eurispes



A memorandum of understanding was signed today, at the Central Directorate of Criminal Police, between the Department of Public Security – Central Directorate of Criminal Police and Eurispes – Institute of Political, Economic and Social Studies for the promotion of joint initiatives in the field of crime analysis.

The agreement follows a previous protocol agreement of three years’ duration, signed in February 2021, aimed at fostering, within the scope of their respective competences, the acquisition, exchange and analysis of anonymous data and information pertaining to criminal phenomena, the promotion of cultural activities, training and publishing initiatives as well as reciprocal participation in thematic in-depth meetings such as conferences, seminars and the like.

In view of the positive results achieved by the project, today, the Deputy Director General of Public Security Central Director of the Criminal Police Prefect Raffaele Grassi and Eurispes President Prof. Gian Maria Fara signed the new protocol, also for a three-year period, with the aim of strengthening the already fruitful cooperation between the two bodies.

The event was introduced by a speech greeting and presenting the initiative by the Director of the Criminal Analysis Service – Senior Executive of the State Police Dr. Stefano Delfini.

Prefect Grassi emphasised that the institutional collaboration with Eurispes is particularly valuable because it enables the Central Directorate’s information assets to be enriched and to study in depth issues with respect to which the Institute has always shown significant attention, adding that ‘dialogue and interaction with research circles are always functional to the action of preventing and combating criminal phenomena carried out by the Police Forces’.

The President of Eurispes, Gian Maria Fara, wished to emphasise ‘the increasing importance of the sharing of expertise and the exchange of knowledge between institutions and research centres operating in the private sector. We can define it as a ‘happy union’ that gives rise to a special ability to apply a dual and ambivalent reading in the observation of social and deviant phenomena. A propaedeutic path to arrive, as scholars and in a dialectic perspective, at a synthesis of results. The work carried out so far by our Institute, thanks to the constant and active collaboration with the Central Directorate of the Criminal Police, has already borne fruit, not only in terms of enriching the wealth of information shared but also in the identification of new and innovative research paths, such as the one concerning the difference between crime read through official statistics and the perception of citizens, which is often distorted by incorrectly conveyed information. The hope is to continue by opening up other avenues and new scenarios together, deepening the investigation of the phenomena that today make up a more complex, stratified and multiform reality’.

The signing of the Protocol was attended by a Eurispes delegation composed of Secretary General Marco Ricceri, Deputy Director Raffaella Saso, Communications Manager Susanna Fara, and Lawyer Roberto De Vita, President of the Cybersecurity Observatory.


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