Juridical conference on the activities of tour operators promoted by Eurispes in Genoa with the patronage of the Municipality and the Chamber of Commerce

On Friday November 10, 2023, at 3.00 p.m., at the Bergamasco Hall, Genoa Chamber of Commerce g.c. Eurispes, with the patronage of Genoa Municipality and the Chamber of Commerce, and with the collaboration of Convivio del Tigullio, is promoting the conference “L’attività economica del tour operator. Diritti e obblighi dei protagonisti tra fonti, prassi e giurisprudenza” (The economic activity of the tour operator. Rights and duties of the protagonists between sources, practice and case law).

A meeting arising from the need to combine an overall vision of the sector and economic activity of tour operators – an essential resource for our country – with more specific topics pertaining to the interpretation of current regulations. The event aims to be an opportunity to solicit reflection about the general principles upon which the growth of the reference sector should be based, with a particular focus on ethics, sustainability, and the balancing between the rights and duties of the different players involved.

Speeches will be given by Cons. Stefano Giaime Guizzi, Councillor of the Court of Cassation, Dr. Lorenza Calcagno, member of the Scientific Committee of the Scuola Superiore della Magistratura, Lawyer Salvatore Filippini La Rosa, member of Eurispes’ Scientific Committee, Lawyer Cristina Osmo Morris, member of the Committee for the Rule of Law, Lawyer Angelo Caliendo, member of Eurispes’ Board of Directors and Lawyer Silvana Durante, Astoi.

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