Human capital, social capital and humanitas: invitation to the 9th Eurispes Workshop Meeting

On Wednesday 28 February 2024, from 3.00 p.m., the 9th Meeting promoted by the Eurispes Human Capital Laboratory will take place online. The debate will revolve around the theme: ‘Human, social and humanitas capital’.

The work will be opened by the President of the Eurispes Observatory on insularity and inland areas, Aldo Berlinguer.

Participants include: Mario Morcellini, massmediologist, Professor Emeritus of Sociology of Cultural and Communicative Processes – Sapienza University of Rome, Rosapia Farese, Co-Founder and President of FareRete-InnovaAzione il Bene Comune, Luigi Balestra, President of the Observatory Riparte l’Italia, Benedetta Cosmi, Head of the Eurispes Laboratory on Human Capital.

The meeting will be broadcast on the Eurispes website and social networks (Facebook Twitter Linkedin Instagram).

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