European survey on green jobs and skills

We report and invite you to participate in an important European initiative promoted by the European Network on Regional Labour Markets (ENRLMM), coordinated by the IWAK Institute of the University of Frankfurt (Germany), of which the Eurispes is a founding member.

It is a survey aimed at collecting useful elements to clarify terms related to the topics of work and so-called green skills. Analyses, also carried out at EU level, have shown that there is a great deal of imprecision and divergence with regard to the definition of these fundamental professional categories and a wide variety of ways in which they are applied both in statistical surveys and in the working practices of relevant institutions and agencies, observatories, associations.

The results of the survey – carried out on a voluntary basis – will be made available to all experts and practitioners as a contribution to bridging these divergences and supporting EU, national and regional authorities in defining effective and shared guidelines. The text of the survey, which is intended to gather the evaluations and experiences of those working in the sector, is in English; responses can also be provided in Italian and is available at

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