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The media focuses again on Covid’s figures

TV News from 8 to 12 November – News of the pandemic, with the number of cases of the disease continuing to grow, claims almost half of the headlines (10 headlines on Monday and Wednesday alone), with Tg5 starting with the Civil Protection bulletins in several editions. With the return of the “Covid figures” in the headlines, prime time focuses on government action, with the extension of the third dose to 40-year-olds announced by Minister Roberto Speranza and the tightening of the no green pass demonstrations. The Mediaset Tg’s paid particular attention to the spread of contagion among minors. However, the tone of the reports was reassuring, all the more so when compared to the data on the spread of the pandemic in other European countries (there were seven references in the headlines to the peaks in Germany and Austria). Yet, the search for new reassurances is growing, with Tg3 interviewing Minister Mariastella Gelmini on Monday and Tg5 interviewing Deputy Health Minister Pierpaolo Sileri on Thursday.

Migrants on the Polish border: Lukashenko’s blackmail. Mediaset skip the Libya summit

The dramatic images of hundreds of refugees stuck on the Polish border, crowded there at the request of Belarusian President Lukashenko, as a result of a policy described by Warsaw as “state terrorism” (Tg1), also dominated the news headlines on Tuesday, with Tg3 and Studio Aperto and Tg4 opening on Wednesday. Mario Orfeo’s TV News was accurate, with a reporter at the border collecting the testimonies of desperate families, clarifying both Putin’s role in this affair and Poland’s aims. However, Tg4’s position was quite different, as it quickly dismissed the story to focus on the immigration emergency in our Country, denouncing in two reports the too many arrivals compared to those of 2019 (Salvini management period). As in other cases, these are copy-paste reports from Il Giornale articles, which are critical towards Minister Luciana Lamorgese’s work, but without investigating the current specifics of the phenomenon. The lack of interest in Mediaset TV news is evident on Friday, with no mention of the international conference in Paris on Libya, instead of the opening topic for Rai TV news.

Cop26 concludes in Glasgow

The outcome of Cop26 in Glasgow, with the half-failure mitigated by the agreement, reached the last minute between the US and China on decarbonisation, is not particularly highlighted in the prime time news, except for Tg La7, which, on Wednesday, dedicates its opening segment to it. However, references to Italy’s lack of use of renewable energy sources, a subject already reported last week by Tg La7, do find space in the reports.

The maxi-investigation on Citizens’ Basic Income

As for politics, the discussion on the manoeuvre absorbs the remaining openings. Since Thursday, the Citizens’ Basic Income has returned to the centre of attention after a new maxi-investigation uncovered a vast criminal racket benefiting thousands of non-resident Romanian citizens. Indignation on all sides, with a concise Tg4 editorial directed against the 5 Stars. President Mattarella’s speech on Thursday – which seemed to put an end to any hypothesis of him standing for re-election to the Quirinal – was picked up by all the newspapers, with Mentana observing (on Friday) that the possibility of a “Mattarella Bis” was still not totally out of the question.

On Thursday, the first verdict in the “Angels and Demons” enquiry into the events in Bibbiano stands out, with Studio Aperto opening and headlines for all. Less space was given to developments in the Eitan case. It is also worth mentioning Friday’s Tg2 report on the orphans of feminicide.

This content is also available in: Italian

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