Corruption: dialogue over the measurement of the phenomenon

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Understanding a phenomenon such as corruption requires first and foremost a reliable qualitative and quantitative measurement. A correct comprehension of a criminal phenomenon makes it possible to better adapt its prevention and repression system.

Under the Italian Presidency of the G20, the Compendium of Good Practices on the Measurement of Corruption, aiming to bring together detection and measurement techniques suitable for combating corruption, was officially adopted. Other indicators are presented at the international level, both by leading international non-governmental organisations (Transparency International) and by qualified players in the business sector (Global Risk Profile).

The most committed national institutions in the field of corruption prevention and its measurement (Anac and Istat) pursue a relentless work of analysis and contribution, worthy full attention and in-depth investigation. Based on its many years of experience in the field, which began with a significant research project that opened the international and multilateral debate on the measurement of corruption, Eurispes considers it necessary to promote a multi-voice discussion on this topic.

The webinar about corruption measurement

The event, in webinar mode, will take place on the Zoom platform and will be broadcast on our social channels (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin) and Youtube on 27 January from 11 am to 2 pm.

The President of Eurispes, Gian Maria Fara, will introduce the proceedings. A round table will follow, with the participation of:

Nikolas Giannakopoulos, President of the Scientific Committee Global Risk Profile – Grp Italia srl, Mario Carlo Ferrario, Deputy President of Transparency International – Italy, Giovanni Tartaglia Polcini, Magistrate, Legal Advisor MAECI and member of the Scientific Committee of Eurispes, Maria Giuseppina Muratore, First researcher Istat.

The final considerations are assigned to the President of Anac, Giuseppe Busia.

The meeting will be moderated by Paolo Mazzanti, Editorial Director of the Askanews news agency. For information:

This content is also available in: Italian

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