Against exploitation and agromafias: Marco Omizzolo, sociologist and researcher, participates in the webinar for Eurispes

On Tuesday March 28th, from 12pm to 14pm, Marco Omizzolo, sociologist and Eurispes researcher, will take part as a speaker in the online seminar entitled “For justice reasons. The motives of a commitment and a method against exploitation and agromafie”, organised by the cooperative In Migrazione, in collaboration with Tempi Moderni. The event aims to be a moment of reflection on topical issues such as exploitation and racial discrimination, in order to build an integrated approach to the issue.

The following will contribute with their interventions: Simone Andreotti, President of the Cooperative In Migrazione, Bruno Giordano, Cassation magistrate and former Director of the National Labour Inspectorate, Margherita Romanelli, Head of Policy, Advocacy and European Programmes of WeWorld ong, Toni Mira, journalist and editor-in-chief of Avvenire.

To register for the free webinar:

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