Benedetto Attili

Executive UIL trade-union.

Paola Balducci

She was named, by Giuliano Vassalli professor of Mercy and Justice, as member of the Committee for the wording of the new Criminal Procedure Code. She took part in the Commission concerning problems of the organized crime, chaired by Judge Antonino Caponnetto. From March 1990 she has taken part in the commission for the Revision of the New Criminal Procedure Code, chaired by professor Giovanni Conso, at the Mercy and Justice Ministry. She was adviser for the Government Extraordinary High Commission (Alto Commissariato Straordinario) for the Anti racket and Anti usury procedure in 2000. In 2000 she was President of the Commission to regulate labels on food products, established by the Agricultural and Forester politics Ministry. In 2010 she was named President of the LIGHTONSTALKING Council against every forms of stalking. In 2013 she has been member of the Presidential Council of the Court of Auditors (Corte dei Conti).
In 2014 she was elected member of the Superior Council of the Judiciary (CSM).


Giorgio Benvenuto

President of the foundation Bruno Buozzi, trade-union member and Italian member of Parliament, he was President of Financial Commission of the Republican Senate. Vice-president for the Brodolini Foundation and advisor of the San Patrignano Foundation. He has taught tax subjects at the (Polizia Tributaria) Inland Revenue Police of the Financial Police since 1995.


Angelo Caliendo

Lawyer, advisor of the Controller Authority for the protection of personal data and vice president of the Italian ombudsman association, ANDCI. He was bestowed of the youngest ombudsman honour in Europe. Privacy law expert. 


Luca Danese

Undertaker and politic. Now a Senior Advisor City Bank. He was Parliamentary and State Undersecretary for the transport and shipping of the Ministry from 1998 to 2001.

Francesco Del Monte


Roberto De Vita

Crime lawyer in Rome. Holder of the De Vita law office. Regular professor at the officer Academy of the Customs. Agreement professor for the ENI Corporate University and professor at the Forensic School of the Crime Chamber in Rome. Committed in the European Union Law concerning the procedures of the crime and fundamental law. He mostly deals to crimes against the public administration and to the economy crime law. Director of the Justice Department and President of the IT Observatory and Security in Eurispes. Sub-lieutenant of the selected reserve of the Navy for direct assignment by the President of the Republic.


Antonio Focillo

UIL Federal Secretary with power of attorney in planning Economy and Holding Politics. Politics for the University, the Innovation and the Research. Transport national Administration. Professor of Public work Law and author of various essays on work and Trade-Union duty.


Ranieri Mamalchi

Firm leading. Now responsible for the ACEA SpA Institutional Relationship.


Gianni Francesco Mattioli

Physics Professor at “La Sapienza” University of Rome. He was Parliamentary and Minister for the Community Politics. Responsible for the Environmental politics for the Sinistra Ecologia Libertà.


Silvano Moffa

Politic and journalist. Onlus COPIT President, Committee of Parliament Members for the Technological Innovation and the Sustainable Development. He was President in the IX Work Commission of the Chamber of Deputies and President of the Province of Rome from 1988 to 2004.

Susy Montante

Director of Eurispes Institute. Sociologist, journalist.

Mario Rizzo

Entrepreneur, who founded Ceramiche Appia Nuova in 1983, today S.p.A. with a turnover of 55 million of Euros and 170 members of the team, working in the wholesale and retailer trade, concerning materials used for the house reorganization. President of the firm C.d.A. and Sale Director for the societies working in the building field, in the tourism welcome, in the production of materials for buildings in marble, reconstructed, in stones and mosaic and in the sector of catering and body wellness.


Gerardo Romano

UIL trade-union Managing.

Mario Serpillo

President UCI – Italian Farmers Union

Rino Tarelli

He was COVIP Officer (Committee for the controlling on pension funds). Journalist. Trade-union member. Unire and ISMEA Director from 1982 to 1989, ESPU Director (European Federation of Public Service Unions) in Bruxelles; managerial responsible for the CISL Trade-Union Confederation from 1990 to 2008.

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