The Eurispes has started a territorialisation process by opening offices in Sardinia, Sicily, Calabria, and Piedmont. The regional offices enable us to closely monitor socioeconomic changes in our country, where they occur.

The restructuring of Italy’s political and administrative systems has resulted in a redefinition of models for analysing regional and sub-regional territorial systems, as well as in social and economic research.
In this regard, the Eurispes has developed a process of regionalization of its activities on the national territory, preparing an analytical-interpretive model capable of effectively declining and mediating requests from local territorial systems, the most evolved cultural avant-garde, and the most dynamic productive sectors.
The territorialisation of research activities aims, in particular, to study the profound changes that have occurred in our time’s society and economy through an integrated interpretation of the complex relationships between globalisation and local socio-economic dynamics.
The Eurispes intends to use this approach to provide regional and provincial administrative institutions with an effective framework for analysing territorial reality, with the cultural and scientific goal of contributing to the improvement of local government models, which must increasingly adhere to the principles of transparency, effectiveness, and efficiency of administrative intervention.
On the other hand, the international vocation of the Eurispes may serve as an impetus to project territorial realities into a global dimension of analysis and relations.

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